Hello, my name is Adam Laki! I’m a passionate, accessibility-focused front-end developer. I develop with Gatsby, 11ty, and WordPress. I like to learn and try out new things in my field.

I’m a self-employed contractor (freelancer) who is usually available for new projects, so feel free to drop me an email (info@adamlaki.com) if you have a project idea. I work with Gergő, a talented Laravel and Vue.js developer. We also do multiple - mostly open-source - projects together.


Right now, my biggest project is Spruce CSS, which is a simple CSS framework. It is a newer project, but I hope for the best. I just released the latest part of it, its component library, Spruce UI.

I also participate in the design of Root, a Laravel admin package.

I started to create a collection of small accessibility tips and tricks called Bite-Sized Accessibility.


I have a design background, and I still like to create UIs. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to design for paid projects and sketch a lot with our side projects.

I design in the browser, which I can’t recommend enough. I require a little different skillset but can be as fast as anything.


I love HTML and CSS. I love how easy to learn them and how hard to master them. I also like that there is always a new thing to learn.

I often write vanilla JavaScript. We usually use Vue.js for our contractor work, but I started to learn to React (primarily because of Gatsby back in the day).


WordPress is a tool that I use often. When the goal is a slick portfolio page that the customer can easily update, WP is a good choice.

We work with plain WP with as few dependencies as possible. Lately, I started to dive deep into Gutenberg custom block development and full-site editing.

Static Sites

Static sites have been on the rise in the last few years. We have excellent options to use and build our next project. I really like to use them, mostly 11ty. I am amazed at how great and simple that tool is.


I started to learn accessibility back in 2019 out of curiosity. I very much like it and try to understand it - and advance my knowledge - daily.