Hello! My name is Adam Laki! I’m a front-end and WordPress developer. My central area is the front-end development, which is also my passion. I work a lot with WordPress, inside that with theme development. In my projects, my goal is to make a modern and future-proof results.

I’m that kind of developer who is not only want to get over the tasks but also want to make the most of it. The finished product must be future-proof – of course not for the infinity -, but also be easily maintainable, easily expandable, simple, stylish, fast and robust.

The continuous development and learning is my primary focus. I try to learn and implement the newest technologies. In an area, like the front-end development, you must develop yourself because you miss the evolution. Fortunately today this is easy, and I think there is no excuse for it.


To collect my strongest skills was hard. This list is not complete and not too detailed. The front-end developer’s skillset is always expanded and everything that its include I should know. Logically I don’t know everything, but I try to keep it up.

  • I’ve come to this field from a graphic design background and because of this using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is not a problem. Today I only use Affinity products named Designer and Photo, and I’m waiting for the Publisher. <3
  • The semantic HTML is the necessary standard be it microdata or HTML5 tags.
  • CSS is a straightforward language at least for a first and a second look. In practice, this is one of the hardest parts of the development because it is so particular. Your job to make it maintainable and scalable. I try to learn it in and out and get known that techniques which are rarely used.
  • In the previous period, my primary focus was the JavaScript. In practice, I must be better but the closure and the this in the pocket! ;) Currently, the Vue.js is the favorite.
  • I made a lot of site with WordPress from the smaller portfolios to some bigger webshop. Making a usable theme is always a pleasure for me!
  • Also, I develop my soft skills continuously. I trying to be better at communication, writing, teamwork and so on.


Currently, I have two main side-projects named Pine and Pathlove. The first is a web development blog and the second is an illustration project.


Both of my projects are made with my partners. The Pine is run by me and Gergo who is one of my most excellent friend and a hardcore back-end developer. The Pathlove is made by me and the love of my life Livi who is a talented illustrator.

Without them the weekdays, the learning would be harder.

Front-end Development

The front-end development is one of my greatest passion. Nowadays I learn advanced CSS and Vue.js

WordPress Theme Development

I came from a designer background so mostly I interested in making elegant and minimal themes.

Graphic Design

Currently, I try to push my creativity with the use of Affinity Designer and Photo.