Hello! My name is Adam Laki.
Learner, front-end developer.

About Me

Hi! My name is Adam Laki! I’m a front-end and WordPress developer. I mostly work on the front-end, but because of WordPress it is essential to know some server side technology. My main focus is WordPress, which is a brilliant publishing platform, used by millions and developed by thousands! Currently, I’m working for the Webshark Ltd. which is a Hungarian based web agency.


Writings mostly in development topic

12 December 2017 /

Using CSS Counters

The CSS counters are variables which we can increment or decrement with...

28 November 2017 /

Better Date Format with <time> Element

With the <time> HTML5 element we can represent any human-readable date and...

14 November 2017 /

Cross-Origin Communication with postMessage

With the use of postMessage() method, you can communicate between different windows...

31 October 2017 /

CSS Quick Tip: Block Pointer Events from CSS

The pointer-events is a little less known but a handy CSS attribute...